Friday, July 3, 2009


Brushing adventures in the Trapper Creek Wilderness. Julia is standing next to that huge Doug Fir, check out the size of that thing.

Enjoying a break.

Looking out into the GP as the Lewis River winds it's way though it.

A close up of the Lewis River gorge.

Waterfall action.

leaders in costume

This is my co-leader Greg Baxter. He is in costume as a European hiker. ha.

Thomas, Seth and Marguerite.

Aaron aka Paulie Bleeker, Gwen aka Juno, and that crazy European Bjorn?

This is my boss Debi I mean her alter ego Aunt Bee the rich Jewish woman from New York.

Oh Luke, you make one creepy 70's porn star.

Summer in Trout Lake #1

The gorge at sunset, a view from the Hood River bridge.

A leader farewell. From bottom left: Marguerite, Dan, Seth, Amy-just barely poking through, Greg- my co leader, Wayne, Aaron, me, Gwen, Drew, Thomas, and Luke.

Trout Lake farms covered bridge over the White Salmon River.

My favorite Trout Lake dairy farm. Those cows have a sweet view!

ah, pastoral living.

Life in the Gifford Pinchot national Forest

Waterfalls everywhere on the Lewis River trail.

Me and the lovely Mt. St. Helens

Mt. Adams and his halo with Trout Lake in the foreground.

More Lewis River waterfalls.

My crew, we like what we do.