Saturday, August 8, 2009

night hike continued into day hike.

Night hike and sunrise.

Swift River Reservoir rope swingin'

Even though there are no pictures of me on the rope swing, I took advantage of it frequently.


a cold Andy.

Will in the paddle boat in his boat shoes.

Rover Dan.

St Helens from Windy Ridge

Up close and personal with the crater

Not so up close and personal with the crater

Spirit Lake

St Helens

The GP from the Windy Ridge oberservation's too hot to work in 107 degree weather.

Greg and I getting crazy at debi's.

that's me, smokey the bear. let the trout lake scavenger hunt begin!

GP in the chicken coop.

GP on a tractor.

GP in the mosquito invested Indian Heaven Wilderness.

St. Helens from Red Mountain lookout tower.

Blue Lake.

St. Helens and the GP crew!!!

Kate and I at the Swift River Reservior. She taught me to crochet.

Misty, witch weather.